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Featured Articles

Kindergarten: A Neutral Classroom

Imagine dropping your child off for Kindergarten on his or her first day and walking into a stark white classroom where there are no adornments, bulletin boards, or science displays.

Electives 101: Why “who cares” classes should be chosen with discretion.

English. Civics. Algebra. World History. Biology. These core classes in junior high and high school are intense and can cause students much stress.

Avoiding the After School 

After-school activities are an essential and fun way to round out your child's overall educational experience.

How to Establish a School Routine

Question: We start each new school year with the best intentions of getting our kids out the door without too much hassle and handling after-school activities including homework.

Early antibiotic use may affect your child’s development

A new study published in Nature Communications demonstrated an alteration in the gut microbiome (the combination of gut bacteria which is essential to digestion, the production of key vitamins, and immune

Updated Recommendation on Obesity Prevention by the American Academy of Pediatrics

As rates of pediatric obesity continue to rise in the United States, obesity in children is now recognized as a public health priority.
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