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Spring Break Destination Guide 16
The Kern County Family Camp directory includes full day, half day and partial day summer camps and enrichment activities for kids of all ages. Traditional camps are listed as well as specialty camps including dance, karate, horseback riding, music, nature camps, sports, and sailing to offer your child the opportunity to explore their interests. and much more. Click on each camp name for detailed information about that camp. To submit your program for posting, please type your program into the boxes below. All fields are required for entry. Click here to submit a listing.

1. Wind Wolves Preserve Spring Nature Festival

Address: 10619 Maricopa Hwy., Bakersfield, CA 93311
Phone: 661-858-1115
Hours: 7 AM- 9 PM
Gender: Mixed Gender
Program Type: Enrichment
Subject Category: Animals, Crafts
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Clinica Sierra Vista WIC
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