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Recent Books by Aliza McCracken

Our 2008 Holiday Song and Coloring Book Cover Artist

Beautifully illustrated and composed, Aliza McCracken brings a wealth of artistry to a book every family can embrace not only for its vibrant beauty and design, but it speaks to the artist within all of us....more»

FREE Turkey Winners!

Meet the winners from our November Issue...more»

Congratulations to "2009 Mrs. Bakersfield"

Rhenana Grimes fulfilled a lifelong dream...more»

Christmas Book on Manners

Although the holidays are "the most wonderful time of the year," they can also be a minefield of manners meltdowns as people rush through shopping malls, prepare elaborate meals, and open potentially disappointing presents with not-so-favorite relatives....more»

Website We Love

How many calories does a Caesar salad have from that fast food place? Log on to»

Diner Helps Local Homeless Shelter

Dustin's Diner is a community effort that began with a nine-year-old boy, Dustin Kilpatrick, and his brother....more»

"Dear Santa" Letters

Help Kids' Dreams Come True

This year, your children's "Dear Santa…" letters can help make dreams come true for people who need some magic in their lives....more»

2008 Food Drive Sparks Creativity

What can you build out of 150 cans of creamed corn?...more»
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