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Vital Signs

Fall Sniffles? It Could be Allergies

There are many people who look forward to the cooler, crisp days of autumn. They're interested in seeing the foliage change color to those bright blazes of crimson and orange....more»

Milk, Egg Allergies Now Tougher for Kids to Outgrow

When we were kids, milk and egg allergies were something a child generally outgrew. But just one generation later, these allergies now appear to be more persistent and harder to outgrow, according to new research from the Johns Hopkins Children's Center in Baltimore, Maryland....more»

Skipping Breakfast = Teen Weight Problems

Over the past two decades, obesity rates have doubled in children and nearly tripled in teens, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)....more»

The BIG Picture

TV Turnoff Week — September 20 to 26 — is the perfect time for family bonding, so grab the gang and go on a hike, play a board game or take your bikes for a spin....more»
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