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Vital Signs

Managing a Diagnosis of ADHD

It's difficult for a parent to know whether a child's daydreaming or overexcitement is normal behavior or a warning sign of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)....more»

Tips for Saving on Babysitters!

Childcare may be one of the last areas in which parents are willing to make major changes in order to save money....more»

Pregnancy and Oral Health: Dentist are REQUIRED!Pregnancy and Oral Health: Dentist are REQUIRED!

Most pregnant women in America don't see their dentists for important oral health care nearly as often as recommended, which can cause ongoing health problems for both mother and her baby....more»

Creative Winter Play for Toddlers

With the days of winter stretching on and on, parents may be wondering how to keep toddlers occupied during the last few weeks of cold weather....more»
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