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Essay Winners to beKCFM Cover Models

Firefighters in Bakersfield keep our community safe and protect our families.  KCFM wants kids to answer "Why I want to be a Bakersfield Firefighter....more»

8 Tips to Curb Kids' Homesickness

This summer, whether your children attend a week-long, sleep-away camp at a mountain ranch or spend a weekend at the beach with Grandma, they are sure to experience bouts where they long for home....more»

What's your Specialty? SPORTS & OUTDOOR CAMPS

Discovering athletic interests. Improving individual talents. Fitting in fitness. Part one.

Summer months stretch like a cozy blanket, calling for relaxation, unwinding and a bit of fun. School break is the perfect time for sleeping in, defragging your child's brain and surrendering to unstructured days. But every parent knows that the charm of those long, school-free days wears off quickly. ...more»
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