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Vital Signs

Signs your kid might be vitamin deficient

A healthy diet is supposed to provide all of the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to sustain a body....more»

Ponytail Pals

Part cuddly stuffed animal? Part ponytail holder? Actually it’s both. We love this new line of little girl chic hair accessories for age infant (if your baby is lucky enough to have hair) to about age 12....more»

A Rewarding Sight

Sometimes the most meaningful gift for grads doesn’t come in a box. Give a year of vision with affordable individual vision benefits from VSP Vision Care plan for as little as 41 cents a day....more»

Real Smart, Baby

Real Smart Baby Food, Lisa Barrangou, Ph.D., shows you how to create 3-months worth of delicious and nutritious baby food in three one-hour blocks of time....more»


Too Little Rain = Increased Fire Restrictions

Not everyone enjoys rain, but as we’ve already seen, an especially dry winter has led to an unseasonably early high fire danger in Kern County and other parts of Southern California....more»
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KCFM camp 2019 leader
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