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Tame the Trimmings & Trappings

The festivities are over... now what?  Cleaning up after Christmas can be an overwhelming task.  After working for months toward the perfect holiday, energy is sucked dry and motivation is lost!   But push-on a bit more to keep the trimming and trappings from becoming clutter in your New Year’s home.

1. Sort Before You Store

Fight the urge to carelessly “throw everything in a box and worry about it later”.  Take a few extra minutes to sort your decorations into categories, such as tree ornaments or tabletop decorations. Be sure to trash broken items and donate out-dated decor.

2. Store ”Like” Items Together 

After you’ve sorted your items into categories, be sure to store like-items together.  This will make them easier to find next year as well as simplify the packing.  Use leftover tissue paper and bubble wrap for padding and protection.

3. Label Your Boxes

If you’ve done a good job sorting, then labeling will be a breeze.  Simplify by labeling your boxes using general terms, such as “outside lights”, “tree ornaments”, “linens”, and “table top décor” There is no need to label each item contained in your “category” boxes.  However, it’s a good idea to number the boxes so that you’ll know how many you have (i.e. Box 1 of 12).

4. Open ME First!

Make Box # 1 be the first box to open next December. It could hold your Christmas cards, advent calendar, tree stand, or whatever you need at the beginning of the season. You might want to wrap this box with left-over Christmas wrap to be sure this box stands out from the rest.

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