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Romantic Movies to Share

Dinner and a movie have been a dating staple for generations. On Valentine’s Day, couples often opt to stick with what works and dine out and then catch a flick -- either at the theater or curled up on the sofa at home.  See if one will be the right fit for your movie night.

Princess Bride:

A Rob Reiner movie, this fairytale tells the story of Buttercup and Wesley, a poor farm boy who wins the love of his employer. When Wesley is presumed dead and Buttercup becomes engaged to an area prince whom she doesn’t love, viewers are taken on an adventure that shows that even death cannot stop true love.

Pretty Woman:

Despite a controversial storyline that puts Richard Gere and Julia Roberts together -- he’s a businessman and she’s a prostitute -- the theme of the movie is how love has no social boundaries, and sometimes it’s better to look beyond one’s own backyard for the love of your life.

Sleepless in Seattle:

Sam loses his wife Maggie and has to raise his son, Jonah alone in their new hometown of Seattle. Annie, a Baltimore reporter, hears his heartbreaking tale when Jonah calls into a self-help radio talk show on Christmas Eve. Annie becomes fascinated with Sam’s story and wonders if they should meet.

The Holiday:

Two women from different parts of the world agree to swap homes for Christmas and enjoy a vacation from their own lives. Iris travels from London to Beverly Hills, while Amanda goes from her opulent life to Iris’ small cottage in Surrey. Both eventually meet their romantic matches in their new locales but fret over what to do once the holiday ends.

Ever After:

An interpretation of the classic Cinderella story, the movie follows Danielle, who is treated poorly by her stepmother and stepsisters after her father suddenly passes away. A bit of a hellion, Danielle catches the eye of Prince Henry, who believes her to be a courtess and not the lowly servant girl she really is.

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