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A Holiday Tea Party

by Vaun Thygerson
Staff writer and mother of three

Complete with antique china sets, delectable chocolate desserts, sugar cubes, holiday décor, bright-red poinsettias, and silver-plated serving sets, KCFM teamed up with Fantasy Tea Parties To You to throw a unique Holiday Tea Party experience for eight happy party goers.  Dressed in their holiday best, these girls laughed, ate, and sipped “tea” (pink lemonade); but most importantly, they created a memory that will last a lifetime.

When six-year-old Calista received her invitation to KCFM’s Holiday Tea Party, she was so overjoyed with excitement she said she almost screamed.  She loves tea parties so much so that her last two birthday parties were a tea-party theme.  “Calista is the girliest-girl ever,” says Amy, Calista’s mom.  “She’ll take the chance to be fancy whenever she can.”

“It’s every girl’s dream to have a tea party and experience the fantasy of it all,” says Kathrene Kin, who as an adult continues to have tea parties with her friends.  “There is nothing like a tea party!”

A former elementary school teacher and mother of three, Lana Villarreal of Fantasy Tea Parties to You, started her business five years ago to bring this experience to as many children as possible.  “The tea party is a unique experience.  It’s a memory that they will have to remember when they grow up,” she says.  “Maybe it’s my teacher background, but I think everything should be an experience.  The highlight of every party for me is seeing the excitement on the girls’ faces.”

This event was six-year-old Raia’s first time attending a tea party.  Being part of an extended family with a lot of boys, she doesn’t get the chance to be “girly” very often, says her mom, Sandee.  Raia, dressed up in a beautiful red dress, said her favorite part of the get-together was eating the chocolate-covered strawberries.

Six-year-old Kaya said spending time with her friends made this afternoon special for her.  She really liked adding extra sugar cubes to sweeten her “tea.”

At Fantasy Tea Parties to You, Lana and her assistant bring the entire dress-up tea party to her clients’ homes.  She provides all the full-size china tea sets, food, decorations, and costumes.  And, depending on which type of party the client books, she brings different types of costumes, a karaoke machine, a runway for a fashion show, or equipment for spa services.  Each party takes meticulous preparation and planning, but Lana wouldn’t have it any other way.  “I love my job,” she says.  “Every time I go to work, I end up at a party!”

Lana has booked tea parties for girls of all ages, and she even has parties that cater to boys.  Some of the themes for her parties include Princess, Pink Poodle Parisian, Glamour Diva, Spa, Luau, and Lady Bug.  For boys, some of the themes she offers are pirate, cowboy, Nascar, or army.  Prices vary depending on theme, number of guests, and add-ons.  In addition to parties, her company also offers party rentals and play dates.

For each tea party, Lana brings a unique, antique china set for her guests.  The theme for the party dictates which tea set she’ll bring.  For KCFM’s Holiday Tea Party, she brought her floral print china with a gold trim.  The décor was holiday-themed with silver pillars, poinsettias, red ribbons, and white flowers.  To set a more festive mood, Christmas music played in the background.

After the guests are seated, Lana gives them some instruction on proper tea party etiquette and social skills. “I am teaching the guests how to be gentle,” she says.  “With the real china, they have to be delicate and have a gentle disposition.  They tend to become really quiet at first.”

“This party was adorable,” says Robbin, who watched her five-year-old daughter Madeline enjoy herself at the party.  “The party was very professional but still adorable, and at the same time, it was not too old for them.”

At the end of the party when the guests left with their party favors in hand, it was unanimous that each little girl wants to attend another tea party.  For more information on Fantasy Tea Parties to You, please visit

“Tea” Menu:

“Tea” - pink lemonade

Sugar cubes to sweeten

Extra pink lemonade powder to tart up “tea”


Dessert Menu:

Red-velvet cupcakes

Chocolate-covered strawberries

Chocolate-covered pretzels

Holiday shortbread cookies

Peppermint bark

Tea Party Etiquette Tips

Teaching social etiquette and manners can be incorporated into every tea party. KCFM asked Iris Doyle, certified etiquette consultant of Simply Manners, to give us some tips for our party goers. Below are 11 tips to ensure a successful party:

•Brush-up on table manners before the tea party.

•Always be polite.         


•Say please and thank you.

•Introduce yourself to others by saying, “Hello my name is ________________”

•When being seated, enter and exit your chair from the right side.

•Place napkin on your lap and let it remain there until you are done.

•Hold teacup by placing fingers to the front and back of the handle.

•Tilt the pinkie finger slightly upwards for balance.

•When excusing yourself from the table, ask, “May I be excused?”

•Have fun.

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