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by Vaun Thygerson
Staff writer and mother of three
I have finally been deemed “cool” by my kids.  It only took me 14 years of trying to prove to them that I still register on the hip-o-meter.  You ask how I did it?  In passing, one day, I told them I met Chuck Norris, which is true, not realizing that he is this mega pop culture icon especially with pre-teen boys.  Just Google it, and you will find all kinds of Chuck Norris scenarios, jokes, and videos.  According to my 9-year-old, “He rocks!”

I met Chuck Norris in the mid ‘90s while he was promoting his movie, “Top Dog,” at a radio station where I worked.  By simply telling my children about meeting this karate-kicking sensation, I had inadvertently raised my level of coolness from practically non-existent to through the roof! Their enthusiasm and need to tell everyone including complete strangers about my brush with the man, the myth, the legend, aka Walker Texas Ranger, makes me laugh.  Kids are funny.  You never know what will spark an interest or what will impress them.  Apparently for my crew, it’s Chuck!

One of the more popular witticisms about Chuck Norris I found on Pinterest goes like this:  “Some people wear Superman pajamas.  Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas.”  This just goes to prove that you can find anything you want on Pinterest.  This virtual corkboard has something for everyone, and you can share it with your followers to exchange ideas on recipes, quotes, crafts, and even pop culture quips.  Find out how you can make the most of your Pinterest account by going to our website, for the article, “Pinterest 101.”  You might even be able to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift on a friend’s board.

May traditionally gives us a chance to celebrate our mothers and, as mothers, be celebrated.  This month, Tracie Grimes writes in her Humor at Home article, “Tips for Mother’s Day Gift-Giving,” about what moms really want for Mother’s Day.  She says the traditional gifts like flowers, soap, and cookies are great, but maybe moms want something different.  To find out what she thinks would be the perfect gift for the mother in your life, turn to page 14                                      .

This month, she also gives us her book recommendations for busy families in her article, “Reading on the Run,” on page 24. She suggests that when you’re getting ready for this summer and its vacation plans, you should also include reading material as part of your packing list.  Some of her summer picks include: “Who’s Hiding” by Sebastian Braun, “Noisy Bug Sing-Along” by John Himmelman, and “Rome” by Kristyna Litten.

Another great thing about May is our annual Baby issue. This month, you will find all things baby starting on page 10. You can learn about the hottest, most popular baby apps for your smart phone in the article, “App Savvy Moms,” on our website.  You may also discover six secrets more seasoned moms share to help make life with a newborn easier in the article, “Secret Lives of Moms,” on page 10.

I have to admit, I can’t wait to see what my kids give me each year for Mother’s Day.  Their homemade cards, especially the ones stamped with their tiny handprints, continue to melt my heart.  So, if your mom is cool because she met Chuck Norris or because she always cut the crust off your sandwiches, make sure you tell her how much you appreciate all she does for you!  We are thankful for all of KCFM’s moms who read our articles faithfully each month!

Have a Fabulous Mother’s Day!!!


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