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Dear Reader: New Decade, Who Dis?

by Vaun Thygerson
Contributing writer and mother of three

New Decade, Who Dis? This is how I feel in 2020 not only is it a New Year, but it's a New Decade and it's a time to re-invent ourselves. Talk about a clean slate, we can kick the 2010's to the curb! Some of our reinvention comes with resolutions in health, education, love, career, or similar. And, sure, I want to improve in all these areas, but this year will mark my half-century mark on this Earth, and I want to make it one for the books!

As the BIG 5-0 looms in my near future, I have thought a lot about what I want out of my next half century of life I want to have fun! I'm not giving in to the fact that my senior discount and AARP card are only five short years away. Therefore, for my New Year's resolution, I have decided that I am not going to act my age. I have a great role model in this area: My father has never acted his age. He skied until his late 70's, broke his foot in an ATV accident in his 80's, and now, in his 90's, he's the first one ready for a little mischief. I am very fortunate that my father's health has fared so well, and that's why those other resolutions for mind, body, and spirit need to be in the mix as well, no matter what age you'll be turning this calendar year.

Janelle Capra writes about crushing our goals in 2020 using technology in the Hello Happy Mama article, "There's An App For That," on page 20. She reviews her top five apps that include both the mind and the body to help you reach your full potential in the New Decade. She also wants to remind everyone to choose their word for the year that will guide your life's purpose in the direction you want it to go. Also, don't forget to give your word a shout out on social media using the hashtag #hellohappymama. (If you haven't read her article, "Make Your Word Count," you can find it in last month's issue or online at www.kerncountyfamily.com).

In the spirit of New Year's Resolutions, KCFM wanted to hear from you, our readers. In the article, "Happy New Year," on page 22, Callie Collins writes about this annual tradition with some reader comments about what you are hoping for in 2020.

This month's Humor at Home article, "Don't Quit, Grow Your Brain," written by Julie Willis on page 23, is about not giving up and how goals are achieved line by line and with a lot of practice. She writes about the cliché repetition she gives her children about conquering life's challenges and wonders if her children even listen to her. Then, when she turns the tables on them, she finds out maybe they have been paying attention to her after all. It's a good day when she learns that her mothering words of wisdom have been heard.

Also, in the article, "Music Education in Kern County," on page 21, Callie Collins highlights KCFM reader comments about the importance of musical participation through classes and after-school activities at a young age. Music is a vital component of education and January's editorial theme is all about making the most of your educational opportunities.

This year, as 2020 starts off and this new decade begins, make sure to cover all your resolution bases with mind, body, spirit, and of course, fun goals, and even check out the App store for ways to help reach those goals. Someone once said, "Age is just a number," so I'm taking that to heart and not giving in to the "mid-life" crisis just yet. This year, I will not be acting my age! I think this might be one resolution I can actually keep!

Have a Happy and Healthy 2020!!!

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