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Dear Reader: Happy Valentine's Day!

by Vaun Thygerson
Contributing writer and mother of three

I love February because of Valentine’s Day and all the love and romance that comes with it. But the truth is, February really makes me happy because we get two President’s Day holidays when there is no school for two consecutive Mondays – one for Washington and one for Lincoln. 

I have learned to appreciate Lincoln and all he did for our country as seen through the eyes of my son. In Kindergarten, my youngest child took a special interest during President’s Day presentations to learn all he could about Abraham Lincoln. Over the years, we wanted to encourage his passion, so we took him to the Lincoln Exhibit at the Reagan Library, bought him books, a costume, and we even found him a Lincoln Lego figurine. When the Daniel Day Lewis movie about Lincoln came out, we took him even though some thought he was too young. He was engaged during the entire movie. 

Through all of these experiences, he actually became a little expert on Lincoln’s presidency and life. He’s now in 8th grade, and still loves the 16th president. In fact, three years ago when we got our new puppy, he convinced us to name him Lincoln. 

Janelle Capra loves February because it’s a chance for heart health awareness. In her Hello Happy Mama article, “A Healthy Heart is a Happy Heart,” on page 16, she writes about a personal experience that encouraged her to make healthy adjustments to help her heart. She also reached out to Alissa Carlson, Chief Meteorologist at KGET-TV, to write about her heart-related story and how her daughter Aris saved her broken heart. Make sure to wear red this month in support of healthy hearts! 

Special thanks to Don Bynum of Temblor Brewing Co. for hosting KCFM for the food review, “Temblor Brewing Co: Celebrating Hometown Roots,” on page 18. Not only did the reviewers have a delicious food experience, but they enjoyed the ambience of a true Bakersfield showpiece. Temblor Brewing Co. is more than a restaurant; it’s a comedy club, music venue, and much more.

February is a fun month celebrating love, Presidents of the United States, and a chance to promote a healthy heart. Make sure to introduce your children to all of it, because you never know what will spark a lifelong interest. As Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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