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Dear Reader: Hoppy Spring!

by Vaun Thygerson
Contributing writer and mother of three

A longstanding proverb states, “A good neighbor increases the value of your property.” I agree. I happen to have the best neighbors in one of the best neighborhoods around. 

Last month it was my son’s birthday party. I had the s’mores bar ready to go, kids had already arrived, and when I went to light the gas fire pit, it didn’t work. I panicked for a split second, and then I remembered that my neighbor, Mollie, down the street, had a fire pit. Of course, she let us borrow it with a stack of wood, lighter fluid, and a very cool torch to use to light it. Voila! Party saved thanks to my fabulous neighbor. 

This is just one of a million times my neighbors have helped me out of a jam. Thanks to my neighbor, Dave, my dog Lincoln is still alive and healthy. I can’t tell you how many times he has rescued my dog when someone lets him escape from my house or backyard. I could go on and on.

Our neighborhood is one that is full of kids and families and we’ve all become pretty close with each other. We carpool, swim, spend holidays together, our kids play sports together, and these people are our go-to safety net. They improve our community as well as my family’s quality of life. In the past few months, when the world was in chaos, our neighborhood rallied together, sharing worries and concerns, and even coordinating activities to help each other out. 

In this month’s Humor at Home article, Julie Willis writes about something that is hard for me in particular- change! In her article, “Breaking Inertia: Transitions Are So Hard,” on page 9, she relates how the laws of inertia affect her daughter, Samantha. The truth behind physics is so fun to experience with children, and sometimes we have to be the guiding force of change!

Speaking of change. As the saying goes, “April Showers Bring May Flowers,” and that is the message at the heart of Janelle Capra’s Hello Happy Mama, “How to Build the Best You,” on page 17. She asks readers what we are planting right now to grow ourselves into the best future “YOU” possible! She goes on to relate her 20+ years of experience with the annual Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference (BWBC) and how it helps her become more successful. In her article, she also interviews this year’s BWBC chair, Marelle Williams. Held later this month, BWBC will be Thursday, April 23, at Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center. Janelle wants you to let her know if you’re attending and to hear your thoughts via social media with the hashtag #hellohappymama. (*EDITOR'S NOTE: The Conference has been canceled and will be rescheduled, date TBD.*)

As we welcome Spring and watch the world change before us in so many ways, remember to take the time to establish good terms and build friendships with your neighbors. We’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors this season, so it’s the perfect opportunity to nurture these relationships! After all, you never know when they will come to your rescue and save your bacon! But, most importantly, stay healthy and safe and help others whenever you have the chance! 

Happy Spring!!! 

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