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Dear Reader: Happy New Year!

by Vaun Thygerson
Contributing writer and mother of three

This time last year I had all kinds of plans and resolutions, but now as I hang the 2021 calendar on the wall, I feel like my world has shifted and I have different priorities and expectations. This past year has been a constant reminder that you can make all the plans you want, and you can learn to rally when those plans get changed.

When the stay-at-home order happened in mid-March 2020, my goals became different. All of a sudden I had to learn all kinds of new technology and verbiage to move my Bakersfield College Communication classes online and help my kids adjust to a new, virtual school day. Before March, I had never even heard the word “zoom” in reference to a teaching tool. Now it’s a word said daily in our home!

 I’m sure everyone can agree that 2020 was an unprecedented year full of twists and turns and ups and downs. One thing this crazy year has taught me is that your attitude is everything. You have to keep a positive perspective in spite of what life hands you – it makes all the difference. So, my one and only New Year’s Resolution for this year is to find happiness in the little things!

KCFM asked its readers what they are making for their goals in 2021. In the article, “Readers respond: Plans to make 2021 a better,” on page 18, find out how these readers plan to focus on the positivity and hopefulness. The ideas range from eating more cupcakes to doing a kind deed every day! I love it!

Some of the happiest times you can have is when you use your creative mind to create a new adventure. In Julie Willis’s Humor at Home article, “Creative Minds: Incomprehensible Chaos,” she writes about how her children were born with a creative spark inside them. Although it’s good to be creative, she doesn’t necessarily like the mess that comes along with such crazy antics! To read about some of their creative capers, turn to page 13.

When thinking about kids and chaos, many people have used all the hours during this downtime to redecorate their homes! Our new writer for the Hello Mama article, Stacey Payne, writes about this very topic in her first contribution, “Decorating Your Home WITH Kids in Mind… (and underfoot),” on page 14. In her article, she interviews Nancy, a designer for Castle and Cooke and Gaskill Rose Luxury Home Builders, and gives eight tips for young families to incorporate all the stages in their lives to match their environment.

There is a popular quote attributed to many different people that reads, “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” This is my mantra for 2021! I am determined to find the happiness in the small things and really try not to have too many expectations – just enjoy my family and pray every day they stay healthy!

Wishing all our amazing readers a Happy & Healthy 2021!

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