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Dear Reader: Happy Valentine's Day!

by Vaun Thygerson
Contributing writer and mother of three

My 14-year-old son always jumps into the car, grabs the AUX chord before anyone else can, and chooses the music that gets played. Thanks to his eclectic taste in music, our road trip lyrics can range from classic rock to hip hop to country. I have learned a lot about music that I never thought I would know, especially when it comes to current rap artists. I grew up with the Beastie Boys so I do like the genre, and not to brag, but I can recite some of the songs from memory! And, I have turned him on to old-school rap, so I do get to hear it once in a while.

Before COVID-19, when my son and his friends were in my car, each one of them would blurt out songs for him to play. As each boy requested a new song, my son played it – one right after another. I marveled at the fact that all of these songs are so accessible for everyone wanting to play them. I always tell my boys, “In my day (insert eye roll here)… If we wanted to hear a song and we didn’t have the record, we had to call the radio station and wait for them to play it.”

The best was when we could dedicate a love song to our crush via our favorite FM channel DJ. Or, if we really liked someone, we would make them a mix-tape with all the songs that reminded us of that person. Technology has definitely changed the delivery of music, but one thing remains the same: music can still stir our emotions within us!

This coming Valentine’s Day, music can be a way that we show our loved ones how much they mean to us. But, instead of making a mixed tape, I’ll have to post my Spotify playlist to our family’s group chat. I may even add some fun emojis and GIFs to decorate it.

Valentine’s Day is such a fun day to make romantic plans and even during a pandemic we can find ways to celebrate at home. KCFM asked its readers

what their plans were for this month’s big day, and they had great ideas – everything from a virtual cookie decorating day to making a heart-shaped pizza. To see all the ideas that our readers came up with, turn to page 7. If you want even more ideas, you can read Callie Collins’ article, “11 Ways to Show You Care: Love, Friendship, and Reaching Out,” on page 10. She writes about how serving others and the community can help promote the spirit of humanity at this difficult time.

One local woman, Annette Eggleston, knows how to give back to the community via her balloon art. In February’s Happy Mama article, “Love is in the Air,” you can read about her unique expressions of love that makes other people feel special. She started the Loving Balloon Buddy campaign to focus on bringing more affection to the elderly community. You can even adopt a grandparent! Turn to page 14 for all the details.

In this month’s Humor At Home article, “How Do Your Kids Say, ‘I Love You?’ The Language of the Love Our Littles Have for Us,” on page 16, Julie Willis writes about how her children show their love and appreciation for her during their ever-waking moments. Moms really do get a lot of attention from their little ones; and it’s good to be loved and to love.

Love is in the air – literally, transmitted via music over the airwaves. Music can be the perfect way to express ourselves and will fit into our lives right now no matter what we have planned for our low-key, stay-at-home holiday. So, find the right tunes to celebrate because February is all about a “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” to quote one of my go-to songs from one of my all-time favorite bands, Queen!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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