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Dear Reader: Happy Halloween!

by Vaun Thygerson
Contributing writer and mother of three

I was driving my son and his friend home from football practice recently, they started talking about Halloween plans. There they were, “tough” football players just talking about who tackled whom at practice, when the conversation quickly changed to how much they missed trick-or-treating. 

I wholeheartedly agree with them. I miss taking my dressed up little ones door-to-door, anxious to see what treat awaited them. Was it going to be a full-size candy bar? A favorite Reese’s? A pencil maybe? Or my personal favorite, a Twix bar? I may or may not have sneaked a few of those from their pumpkin buckets when they weren’t looking. 

Before my sons were born and it was just my husband, my daughter, and me, we lived in Fresno, where we had one of my favorite Halloween traditions. Her pediatrician invited his patients to his house on Halloween, where he would hand out homemade popcorn balls. The bonus was that he lived next door to a family that worked for Producers Dairy, so they handed out milk – even giving us a choice between regular, chocolate, or strawberry. During all the time we lived in Fresno, we never missed one opportunity to chase down a gooey, delicious (and sometimes still warm) popcorn ball with ice cold milk. My oldest son only got to participate with us for one Halloween, as he was born in Fresno. I hear through the grapevine that our pediatrician is still making popcorn balls to this day; maybe we need to take a road trip for my youngest son to experience this tradition. 

Halloween night brings spine-chilling and ghoulish fun, but the holiday’s spirit can last the whole month. Callie Collins writes in her article, 11 Ways to Enjoy Halloween All Month Long,” on page 16, how to keep the spooky magic in the air for all 31 days. Some of her recommendations include creating a holiday soundtrack, decorating your home both inside and out, also to dust off some good old ghost stories to share with each other.

October isn’t just about Halloween— it’s also when the family school routines are being cemented into our daily lives. In "Readers Respond: School Year Routines, Best Practices and Advice to Share," you can find some good advice from KCFM’s readers. Learn from other parents, who are getting back into a normal school routine after a long time due to COVID-19. Look over at to page 5 to read advice ranging from practical to philosophical. 

Callie Collins’ monthly article, "Hello, Happy (Determined) Mama: Links for Life’s Jennifer Henry", on page 10, is sure to inspire you. October is breast cancer awareness month, and thanks to Links for Life, a local nonprofit under Jennifer's direction, they have helped countless people during their cancer journey. After reading this article, make sure to check out the Links for Life website for all the education and services they provide at 

I love this time of year for many reasons: sweater weather, spooky decorations and costumes, scary movies, pumpkin-spice everything, haunted anything, and the memories we make. I can’t wait to greet all the princesses, monsters, and superheroes that come to my house for a treat. And, if you get any trick-or-treaters that you think might be too old for this tradition, just remember that they are probably reminiscing and reliving their younger days. Most importantly, no matter what kind of Halloween traditions your family participates in each year, make sure you stay safe!

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