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An organized locker makes for an organized student

When tweens or teens enter middle school or high school, a new item might be added to their school supply list – locker accessories. Everything from removable stickers to mirrors, carpet, or even a beautiful chandelier can be added to their lockers to make it look trendy. But, they can also purchase products to make it more efficient.       

Students learn many important lessons while in middle school and high school. Assignments get progressively more difficult, and students grow accustomed to being independent thinkers and largely responsible for their educational accomplishments. In addition, students may learn other lessons such as how organization can play a critical role in success and benefit them both in and out of the classroom. 

Sometimes, the importance of an organized locker may be overlooked, but a messy locker can add unnecessary stress to a school day. Getting lockers organized requires some effort and upkeep. Here are five tips to keep students on track and keep their lockers not only fashionable but organized as well.  

Color code the locker. Grouping subjects by color can make it easier to find notebooks, textbooks, and folders in a locker. If materials necessary for math class are colored in red, students can quickly find these materials en route to class. 

Group according to schedule. In addition to employing a color-coding system, students also can group books by daily schedule. Organize the locker based on which classes are held in the morning and afternoon. This makes it less likely that students will forget supplies they need for class.

Remove trash. Remove anything that does not belong in the locker including garbage and old projects. Students should not use their lockers to store items they don’t need for school.

Think about extra accessories. Lockers have the basics which are usually a shelf and a hook for coats. All sorts of locker accessories exist to customize the interior. An extra shelf may be helpful for storing books or smaller supplies. Look into a message board or more hooks that can be hung on the inside of the door. 

Develop a cleaning schedule. Old assignments may begin to accumulate inside a locker, so students can pick a day each week to spend a few minutes to keep their locker clean and clear of clutter.

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