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How to Put the Ho-Ho-Ho in Your Holiday Party: Invite Santa

What better way to put the “ho-ho-ho” in your holiday party than to invite Santa and make him the guest of honor at your festivities? You can capture the joy and magic of Christmas by incorporating Santa into all the elements of your party planning, from invitations to décor to favors.  Spread Christmas cheer using this jolly ‘ole elf to delight and entertain all your guests.

Invitations Create your guest list, and like Santa, make sure you check it twice.  For invitations, you can use online services for electronic invites at or for printable invites, or use the Red Stamp app to make text bites.  To keep track of party guests, you can ask them to RSVP to the Naughty or Nice list.    

Decorations Transform your house into Santa’s workshop for this event.  To create an authentic North Pole Christmas, you can have your children make snowflakes using paper, scissors, glue, and glitter that you can dangle on fishing line from your ceiling and doorways. Use red and white streamers to make Candy Cane poles, wrapping it around pillars and banisters.  You can also wrap up large empty boxes with brightly colored, holiday wrapping paper and place giant bows on top to add to the décor.  Don’t forget to strategically place mistletoe for optimal kissing chances.  

Desserts Assemble a table of desserts to look like a spread Santa would be proud to serve at his workshop.  Use glass jars filled with peppermint candies and sticks and add snowflakes and flocking to finish it off.  You can make the perfect addition to this table by placing a white cupcake with white icing and a candy cane sticking out of it with a red M&M affixed on top of the stick using leftover frosting.  Print a small tag that reads, “North Pole,” to attach.  Another dessert idea is Santa Hat brownies.  On each brownie add a spoonful of whipped cream, place a strawberry tip up, and add a dollop of whipped cream for the pompom on the end of Santa’s hat.  You can serve these decadent treats on Santa-themed paper goods you find at local retailers.

Activities With Santa in attendance, use his jovial spirit to lead your group in a round of Christmas carols.  Let him double as your guest of honor and your entertainment.  Create a photography vignette with your Christmas tree and an oversized chair where guests can have their picture taken with St. Nicholas.  You can send them a digital copy after the party as a thank you.  Have a craft center set up with paper, stickers, and markers for the younger guests to write their very own letter to Santa.  You can also use this party to inspire the real spirit of Christmas by asking your guests to bring toys to donate to local charities or canned foods for local food banks.  

Favors Send your guests home with “Magic Reindeer Food” that they can use at their house on Christmas Eve.  In a bowl, mix together 2 cups oats, ¼ cup green sprinkles, ¼ cup red sprinkles, two ¼ cups of shaped sprinkles.  Spoon mixture into smaller plastic bags, tie with red or green twine, and affix a label that reads:  “Magic Reindeer Food - Sprinkle on the lawn at night!  The moon will make it sparkle bright!  As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam – This will guide them to your home.  Merry Christmas!”  You can find a printable for this favor at

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