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Tips for Mother's Day Gift-Giving

by Tracie Grimes
Tracie is a monthly contributor to Kern County Family Magazine

Well, the Mother’s Day gift-giving season has rolled around once more, bringing with it ads for flowers, soap, and huge gift baskets filled with cookies, candy, and enough carbs to meet the needs of about a hundred moms for five years.

But is this what Mom really wants?  Let’s just think about this for a moment…

The way I see it, flowers, perfume, and hand-made items from the kids are always treasured. But, if you’re looking to give Mom what she really, really wants, there’s one gift you can never go wrong with: the gift of peace.  The gift of quiet.  It’s an easy gift to give.  All you have to do is hand Mom a good book or the remote, pile the kids in the car, and then head to the nearest playland for a couple of hours.  This is the gift that’s sure to bring tears to Mom’s eyes.

But, if you want to give Mom a gift she can actually unwrap, maybe something in addition to much-deserved alone time, I suggest that you steer away from vacuum cleaners and feather dusters (even if they have pink floral handles).  And, the latex cleaning gloves that have the fake wedding ring and gingham ruffles?  Uh, no.  Your message for the day should be one that’s closer to “I love you and appreciate you,” not “I love you, now get to work cleaning the house and doing the dishes.”

Now, I don’t mean to suggest that the traditional Mother’s Day Brunch or breakfast in bed isn’t appreciated, but don’t wait for Mom to make the reservations or buy the bacon and pancake mix.  If the family is going to brunch, someone else should make the reservations and call the invitees.  If breakfast in bed is to be served, don’t wake Mom up at 5 am asking her how to make Belgium waffles.  Doing this could put a serious damper on your Mother’s Day festivities.

It’s the little things that will give Mom a real boost on Mother’s Day: a hand-made card from the children, a day without listening to one kid calling another kid “stupid-head” or “poop-face.”  I’m feelin’ the love already.

Any day you can give Mom a sense of peace without the use of pharmaceuticals is a good day, and a gift she won’t mind getting year after year.

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