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I Could Have Danced Through Lowes

by Tracie Grimes
Tracie is a monthly contributor to Kern County Family Magazine

It felt like I had come home again.  Like I had boarded the mother ship.  I was walking into Lowes once again, and it felt good.

It’s been a while since I’ve pulled in that first deep, intoxicating breath at the Lowes threshold.  It’s a distinctive smell; one that says, “I’m good enough, I’m strong enough, and doggonit, I can do it myself.”  Today’s adventure had me looking for some new patio doors, and I was all about getting the job done.  I had been watching the DIY Network all weekend long and felt empowered to take on this project like nobody’s business.

“I’m looking for double-clear French doors that swing out and open on the right side,” I said with all the confidence of a seasoned patio door professional.  After all, I had re-tiled my own pool (well, part of it anyway), stripped the wallpaper from many a wall, and plastered and painted my own kitchen walls, so I felt pretty confident in my knowledge about home repair stuff.

“Would you like fiberglass, steel, wood or vinyl doors?” asked the saleswoman.  “Ummm,” I said, my confidence beginning to falter a bit, “Does fiberglass last longer than wood?”

“Would you like any elements in your doors,” asked the woman.  “And, how about decorative grills, BBG, and Low-E glass?”  Okay, now I felt like a real idiot.  I grabbed a couple of brochures, mumbled something about having to consult with my husband, and began my walk of shame to the exit.

Then, I passed the sprinkler display.  I could change sprinkler heads!  I could change sprinkler heads in my sleep, I thought excitedly, as I pawed through the shiny, new sprinkler head replacements.

Lightbulbs caught my eyes next.  Big light bulbs, little light bulbs, LEDs and fluorescent bulbs – I knew what these were!  I can change light bulbs!  I can change light bulbs in my sleep!

And, the paint color display was so pretty!  All those colors, even more beautiful than a double rainbow!  I could paint!  Maybe not in my sleep, but I could paint!

I felt like Liza Doolittle after the ball singing “I Could Have Danced All Night,” as I all but waltzed down the aisles of Lowes.  Light fixtures, garage storage systems, drawer pulls; oh my!  My confidence in my DIY abilities had returned!  It had slipped away for a moment, but now, it was back!

I glanced through the brochures on French and patio doors and made a decision.  And, I was confident in my decision.  I marched right back to the patio door section, looked the saleswoman straight in the eye, and said, “Could I please arrange for someone to come out and give me some advice on which door to use and an estimate on installation?”

My confidence in my DIY capabilities may have returned, but I’m not stupid.

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