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Humor@Home: Making the Best of Tough Times

"Dad, can you make Special Breakfast today?" I overheard my daughter ask my husband on about Day 6 of Sheltering in Place.

"Sure! How about pancakes and bacon?"

"That's not special. That's just breakfast."

I'm not sure what my darling little one thought would make for a special breakfast, but it certainly didn't take her long to adjust to having Daddy working from home.

I'll be honest; I like "Special Breakfast" on a daily basis myself. I don't care what the food is. The "special" is that I'm not cooking it.

It turns out that, unlike my husband, who has turned into Master Breakfast Chef and Lunch Cook, I'm the only one who hasn't made any major adjustments. I guess I typically stay at home all day in my messy bun and sweat pants and avoid people as much as possible.

Don't get me wrong. I like people. I'm just shy, and I don't like to have to pretend like I have my act together.

So I'm totally in my element staying home and finger painting and hiking and letting the kids slide down the hill behind the house in the mud and collect rocks and leaves and dance around the house in pajamas and bake a cake on the gas grill because our stove has been broken since like June, because we haven't gotten around to ordering the part it needs, and giving the dog a bath and a brushing and learning a new card game and reading books and riding bikes and rescuing worms after the rain when they are flopping around on the road looking for dirt and starting a garden and sewing up some face masks.

SO much easier than driving into town for appointments and activities. Basically, anywhere that you have to 1) be dressed with your hair combed and 2) be on time.

See, at home, there is NO STRESS. You just start when you're ready and wear what you want (unless you're going outside; then you have to at least get on something a step above pajamas). There are no, "We are leaving in FIVE MINUTES. If you don't finish your breakfast, brush your teeth, and get your shoes on, I'm leaving you here!" threats. You don't even have to look at the clock.

I do look at the clock. But I don't FREAK OUT if someone can't find a shoe and it's already time to go. I just wait. And I tell myself, "Nobody knows I have a kid who can't find her shoe right now. And nobody's gonna find out because we are not going to be late to meet anyone."

Just trying to stay healthy and happy. And maybe sneak in a few Special Breakfasts here and there when we can.

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