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Products We Love- October

Buckle Me Baby Car Seat Friendly Coats

Innovative and adorable. The coat alleviates the gap between the car seat strap and the child while keeping your child warm. $69.99-$129.99, ages: 6 months to 12-years, www.bucklemecoats.com

Let’s Pretend Shopkeeper

Kids will love the creativity and independence that comes with running their own little pretend business. The slanted display shelf lets shop owners show off their wares and canvas storage box keeps extra play food neat and tidy. $69.99, ghkkllages: 3 years+, www.kidkraft.com/us_en/

Scribble Scrubbie Safari Oasis

Includes adorable, colorable and washable pet figures that kids can customize with color, wash in the kid-powered Oasis Tub, and color again. $19.99, ages: 3+, shop.crayola.com

Pencil Nose

A hilarious party game where players have to use their sniffers to try and sketch the prompt and then hope their teammates can correctly guess what they’re drawing. $24.95, ages: 8+, www.fatbraintoyco.com

Coding Critters™

These interactive pets introduce preschoolers to critical thinking, problem-solving, and other STEM skills with the help of fun playsets, storybook coding adventures and two interactive modes! $39.99, ages: 4+, www.LearningResources.com/CodingCritters

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