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Kid Review: New Train Sets Make for Old-Fashioned Family Fun this Holiday Season

It's not too late to find an amazing Christmas present!

Traditional toys like teddy bears, train sets and dollhouses are on many Christmas lists year after year, dreamed of and beloved.

Phone, tablets and game consoles all have their place but the old-fashioned joy of train sets isn't lost on modern children, as our two kid reviewers proved recently. Isaac, age 7, and Gabriel, age 4, played with the Fisher-Price® Thomas & Friends™ Super Cruiser™ and the Fisher-Price® Thomas & Friends™ TrackMaster™ Cave Collapse. They shared their experiences with our editorial staff. 

Q. What did you like best about these train sets? 

 "Seeing what the trains do and how they move is what I liked most." - Isaac

"I liked that the cave train set moved so much. It reminded me of when we to an amusement park and rode a ride that looked similar. It had water and that was the summertime. Now, when I go there again, I'll think about the train set." - Gabriel

Q. What made the experience stand out?

A. "I liked playing by using my hands. We use an iPad and a computer at school and I can watch PBS when I come home but I like to play with toys that I can move around and make up stories for at home before bed." - Isaac  

"I like seeing the trains from PBS. These are those trains but you can play with them!" - Gabriel

Q. Will other kids like playing with these train sets?

A. "I think they will because kids like to imagine and make up what's happening with trains. I have a train game on my Mom's phone but I can't make up the story in there. My oldest brother is 12 and he played with me. My youngest brother is 1 and he tried to play too." - Isaac 

"Yes, especially because of the tracks that move!" - Gabriel

Q. What will you remember most about playing with these train sets at Christmastime? 

A. "I'll remember feeling happy because my family played with me." - Isaac 

"Playing with trains is what I want to do when I'm at pre-k all day. I want to come home and play with them by the Christmas tree." - Gabriel

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