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Hello, Happy Mama: How to Build the Best You!

The 2020 Bakersfield Women's Business Conference Board
 Hello Mama!

You've heard the saying, "April showers bring May flowers." My question for you is: What are you "planting" right now in your life to help you bloom in the spring? For me, I always invest in the Bakersfield Women's Business Conference. BWBC is an amazing day of education, entertainment, and empowerment. I've been a part of the BWBC conference since my early 20's (that's twenty plus years!). I have participated as an attendee, a workshop speaker, a media interviewer, and a sponsor. The BWBC has definitely grown through the years, and, whether you are a first-time attendee or a veteran attendee like me, there is truly something for everyone!

This year, the theme is Building the Best You, so I sat down with the current Chair, Marelle Williams, to ask her a few questions about the conference. Here's our conversation:

Janelle: This year's theme is Building the Best You. What does that mean to you?

Marelle: I chose the theme Building the Best You because I feel that we are always striving to better ourselves and our lives. To me, building the best me looks like going back to school to attain my Masters degree in Leadership and Management, working on my health by changing my diet and exercising regularly, and always striving to be a better mother and wife.

Janelle: What has the experience as Chair been like?

Marelle: My experience as Chair this past year has really helped me grow personally and professionally. Professionally, it has opened up my leadership skills. Personally, it has strengthened my relationships with the women on the board. I am grateful to my board and appreciate their continued support during this process. The year has been filled with great moments and I will continue to cherish them as I move forward. 

Janelle: How many years have you served on the board? What advice would you give to women who may want to step up and follow their passion to serve on a board in Kern County?

Marelle: I have served on the board for 8 years. I started out serving on a sub-committee and then joined the executive board 6 years ago.  My advice would be to find a local organization that speaks to your heart and find out how you can fill a need within their organization. The first step is just asking. 

Janelle: BWBC supports a unique opportunity to support young women in our community. Tell me more about the ROSE Mentor Program.

Marelle: The ROSE program is really something special.  They are a secondary non-profit component of the BWBC. The program started when our founding members realized that not only did women need the encouragement, motivation, inspiration, and mentoring that our conference provides, but so did the young women that they were raising.  

Realizing the junior and senior years of high school are pivotal points in a young woman's path, the ROSE program was born.  

Young women are paired with professional mentors and walk with them through their junior and senior years of high school, bring them to personal growth seminars, and are available to be a sounding board for advice and provide guidance for their next steps past graduation.  As a fun benefit at the end of each school year, the mentors bring their mentees to the BWBC where they are able to meet other women, see the possibilities in employment and obtain more skills through our breakout workshops.  

Janelle: What do you hope attendees will take away from this year's conference?


I hope the attendees will feel inspired and motivated to start on attaining their goals. I want the conference to be the catalyst in making that first step in order to achieve goals in their personal and professional lives. 

Trust me, investing in yourself is always the best ROI (return on investment AND return on inspiration). This spring, "plant some seeds" for your own personal development. And, if you choose to attend the BWBC, I will be on a panel sponsored by Valley Strong Credit Union focusing on supporting caregivers and sharing what resources are available in our community. Here's to spring, Mama, and building the best you!

Are you attending BWBC? Let's keep the conversation going on social media with hashtags: #hellohappymama and #buildingthebestyou

**Due to Covid-19, BWBC Board has decided to postpone the conference until a later date. Visit www.bakersfieldwomen.org for more information.**

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