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Sunnier Days and the Comforts of Home: What's Working for our Readers

At Kern County Family Magazine, we seek out the sunshine.  This year has already been unusual, with snow and a freeze that affected Christmas and New Year's and now a global pandemic that makes for more days indoors than outside. Spring is here, a new season filled with greenery, that timeless promise of hope. And we just might need all of those wellness cliches now more than ever: hope, sunshine and new life. 

The comforts of home and the small ways we feel better each day are suddenly relevant, not because we're unaware of the human toll of COVID-19 but because we too are human. Distractions, coping methods, cups of tea and meditation are the subject of many articles on the internet right now, tucked between notifications about new cases, politics and death.

Now is a difficult time. It's fair to say that, even if life has continued very nearly the same for some because we all know it will never be the same for others. We're doing what we have to do to get through the day and sometimes, that's Netflix and takeout and board games with our kids. That's okay for now, because anything else we have to face will come later. One day at a time is where we're at right now. Look away from the headlines and stare into your child's eyes; more than likely, they'll smile at you, unconcerned. It's okay to concentrate on just what you have going on at this time. It's enough.

The darkest hour is just before dawn, even an unknown kind of new day that seems far off and uncertain, on a date still yet to be filled in. There will be a time when we come out and play together, hug another, shop and worship and learn in the same places. We don't know when but we do know where and that is right here, in Kern County, the home we share as a community. We can practice unity from a distance and choose love, a kind word or action, even when our households are brimming with boredom or unhappiness or anxiety. 

How we are getting through this time matters and embracing our own humanity instead of each other lets us recognize what we're capable of, which is still a lot, within our own four walls. 

Advice has a way of breaking through the clouds.

Our hope is that you find comfort each day, in things big and small. Thank you for sharing your answers.

We asked our readers to share what small comforts are helping them, from eating local to what's working at home. We will continue to share your answers but here's a sampling from the more than 150 responses:

I am humbled by so many businesses offering special hours for our seniors alone with their support of extra cleaning and protection while shopping in their stores. Please keep up the great work in doing your part as a concerned citizen and business owner. - Bobbie Bishop

Honestly, my kids’ teachers are being extra supportive during this time, with regular check ins, added activities and guidelines to get us through these different times without falling behind! It certainly has been a sense of normalcy in our lives. - Sheila Lemburg

My instapot and crockpot have been amazing. I am working from home temporarily, so it’s nice to have those for easy cooking so I can focus on the kids and their schooling. - Melissa Cotton

Working on puzzles. - Ramona Tuscher

A daily schedule and fun at home family art and games. - Danielle Porcho

Soft relaxing piano music and "Fixer Upper" show. - Brenda Moore

A chicken shawarma salad from Flame and Skewer, my books and making ridiculous Tik Toks with my daughters are the small comforts getting me through these crazy times! - Jennifer Resolme

Hershey's hot cocoa at AMPM. Sooooo comforting. - Zenia Lewis

Bible Study at GHCC. Exercising on Bowflex bike every morning. Also,I work as a Social Services Supervisor for Seniors. Everyday I am responsible to support our nation’s most vulnerable. Helping my seniors makes my heart happy! - Kyria Davis

Jack in the Box, Del Taco, Taco Bell and Jersey Mike's are cooking for me. I'm spring cleaning, playing games with my granddaughters, walking for fresh air and watching movies I otherwise wouldn't have time for. Stay safe, everyone! - Linda Broome

Luigi’s! Their family dinner was so good and worth the price! We loved it and will definitely continue to support more local businesses. - Yolanda Mefford

Door Dash has been a great discovery for food delivery. I always order from local owned restaurants but more and more are closing their doors, which is unfortunate for our community.- Christopher Carter

Coffee, Mexican food from Rancho Grande as a treat, and walking. - Ruth Miles

Elmer’s Drive In, in Delano is always a treat. Because we have chickens, we also are trading fresh eggs for fresh fruits and or other homemade goodies. - Joanne Connelly

Buffalo Wild Wings has been our go to. We need our hot wing fix! However, we've only gotten take out once. We have plenty of food at home currently, but REALLY missing being able to go out and sit down at a restaurant. Our next food out plan is Salty's and Thai Kitchen. - Tishana Debenham

Fast food and ice cream and playing lots of board games with my son. - Teresa Ortiz

Heidi's Brooklyn Deli is helping out with a free loaf of bread [editor's note: please check directly with the business for current special]. It's really good bread and reasonably priced. Check them out. Let's support those who support us in our time of need. - Regina Galvez

I have found several local business as in Dott Ott, The Hens Roost, Grubhub and Instacart have been a huge help. - Michelle Cottle

Dewar's Ice cream drive thru on Buena Vista. - Patty Lowell

Trying to use local restaurants and stores- Victors, Foodland and Cataldo's. Knowing our family has what they need during this time gives me comfort. Who would have ever thought having toilet paper, milk, bleach and antibacterial soap would give peace of mind. Luxury would be to find a bag of potatoes in the store. - Monique Molina

Our neighborhood stores are getting us through this crazy times, with their hardworking staff stocking shelves and dealing with the overwhelming customers. - Maci Ybarra

El Patio is getting us through this pandemic with their wonderful meals and delicious and nutritious margaritas to go! - Brenda Quiring

Small comforts are more family board games, outdoor walks and occasional food pickup or deliveries from local eateries like Frugatti's. - Melody Ybarra

Supporting our local restaurants and just spending time with family. Seeing the smiles on my kids faces. - Melissa Stapleton

My mother in law added me on a Facebook page of small businesses still offering to go and curbside pickups. The whole group has made me really feel good. People supporting all the local restaurants, and others writing uplifting positive reviews. - Monique Davis

We are enjoying doing pickup orders at local restaurants and going for rides to enjoy the scenery around us. The recent rains have made for some beautiful scenes! - Tori Ramay

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