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11 Ways to Make Autumn Memorable this Year


Social distancing and related restrictions will make for an unusual autumn season. Help the fall stand out with ways for it to be memorable beyond the present pandemic-related situation. Although the weather may continue to be warm this month, you can still get in the spirit with seasonal activities. If you’re feeling a little reluctant or just want a way to participate together, here are 11 ways to start the Fall season: 


Gather fall leaves:

Go on a hike or other walk in nature. Collect fall leaves to trace or make a craft together.


Bring nature indoors: Pick sunflowers, wheat, or other seasonal selections, and arrange them in a vase. 


Take a Labor Day staycation: Completely disconnect for a day. Turn off electronics, and enjoy your day.


Spend time in the kitchen: Favorite fall recipes like pumpkin pie, apple cake or baked squash feature traditional tastes of the season. Make your family’s favorites, and pass along those traditions with hands-on fun. 


Create a fall-themed brunch: Make a hearty strudel, break out your Thanksgiving dishes early, and let your children create the invitations. Host your own holiday for just your immediate family. 


Hang up a wreath: Feel festive with subtle decorations. Start by decorating your door with a fall theme. Whether you purchase a wreath or choose to make one, transitioning into something new can help you adjust.


Skip the subtlety and go all out with decorations: If you love Halloween or just the autumn season, go ahead and decorate. Many Halloween decorations are reportedly already selling out at local retailers from online purchases. 


Take a family portrait:

Remember this season by making time for a family photo. School portraits may not happen this year but family sessions are still a possibility. Pose outside on your porch or choose an outdoor venue with room for social distancing.


Make s’mores: There are so many ways to make s’mores, including outside, with a tabletop candle kit, on the stove, or in the microwave. Evenings get better with chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers. 


Share a novel together: Evenings of stories can help you remember the season well. “Coco: A Story about Music, Shoes, and Family” by Diana Lopez is a fall favorite for young readers that leads into Día de Muertos.


Pick out pumpkins: If it’s possible to visit a pumpkin patch or grocery store near you, choose pumpkins to carve, bake the seeds, and try a new recipe with different parts of the pumpkin. 

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