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Readers Respond: Your Plans to Make 2021 a Better Year

The year 2020 was unlike any other for so many families in our community. We are choosing to begin 2021 with a renewed focus on hope, after the peace and joy of the holiday season. Our readers seem to share that chosen optimism, as reflected in recent answers to questions we’ve asked inspired by the prospect of better things to come.


What are you looking forward to in 2021?

The beginning of a new year, with hopes of a better, safer year for everyone. Hopefully, we will go back to being able to see our loved ones and hug them. - Karen Orellana

Better days, better health, better jobs for everyone. - Vanessa Velasquez

Being able to socialize with people in person.- Beatriz Olaya

Everyone being healthy and things going back to normal.- Melissa Barker

Pandemic coming to an end and being able to travel again! - Brandi Serda

A new start with a positive outlook! - Cassie Deras-Coker

I’m looking forward to new beginnings and hopefully a less crazy year. - Valerie Rivas

Peace, healing in our country, unity among each other. - Judy Boonstoppel

What is your new year's resolution for 2021?

I want to start a nonprofit in honor of my mother who died in 2016. - April Steward

Do a kind deed every day and pass it forward! - Bobbie Bishop

Practice patience. - Brenna Smith

To enjoy things and be appreciative of things a lot more than this year and to be able to visit with family and make each moment count.

- Caroline Ryan


To stop procrastinating, but I may wait until next January to start that. Every year I try to be better than the year before. - Peggy Abrego

Eat more cupcakes! - Alison Burrowes

My new year's resolution for 2021 is to get back to my groove. As a mother, I feel as if I have lost myself. I want to just focus on making sure my family and home is taken care of. I believe my family will benefit from it as well, as I am sure I will be happier. - Laura Gonzalez

To create more family memories. - Luz Garcia

Fully accepting myself at every stage; being one of my biggest cheerleaders. - LaQuesha Wiley

Support small businesses more. - Keith Koski

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