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11 Ways to Support Your Local Faculty and Staff


Back-to-school season’s rush and new routines may seem like old hat for families by now. While each morning gets smoother for parents, needs at your school site for teachers and support staff will continue throughout the year. Every family can rise to the challenge, with the ability to share time, talent or material resources. All ways are meaningful and valid.

Here are 11 ways to support your school in ways large and small this year.


Offer a kind word

Praise your child’s teacher. Thank instructors for their commitment to every child. Sharing a kind word with a quick email or handwritten note can make a tremendous difference in the life of an educator.

Send supplies

Extra hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, glue sticks and sharpened pencils are consistent classroom needs that tend to run out. Send extra with your child for everyone’s use.

Lead a community effort

Help your school make connections with outside organizations. From grants to field trips, making opportunities possible takes a village. Share your network.

Volunteer at school

Sign up for a committee, host a party, read aloud, make copies or coordinate as needed — and something is always needed. Lend a hand and you’ll see how schools operate, what could be done differently and where to concentrate additional effort.

Plan a surprise

Whether it’s setting up a coffee bar for all faculty or just bringing your teacher a favorite cup of coffee, a surprise can help bring unexpected joy to the school week. A sweet treat is enough to improve someone else’s day.

Try a gift card

A bookstore or another gift card can offset expenses teachers may otherwise assume themselves.

Help others find ways to get involved

Bring friends and family. Ask if your Rotary club, church, or volunteer organization can help support a school event.

Consider donating for those who cannot pay

Extras like socks, snacks, and items for purchase throughout the school year are simply out of the question for some families. Consider filling out an extra order form if you are able to cover the cost of additional items.

Add to library materials

If you have materials in great condition, donate them to your school library. Talk with your school librarian about what is needed and how to add to the school’s collection.

Be an advocate

Choose to take the high road when it comes to school gossip. Stick up for your school, talk through issues with your school administration, listen, and advocate for change where needed.

Don’t forget about special class teachers and support staff

Music, language and gym teachers, librarians, speech therapists, receptionists, and administrators are all part of making a school community successful. Keep their services in mind, too, when it comes to helping out at school.

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