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Aliza McCracken Announces New Holiday Cards

This holiday season, award-winning artist Aliza McCracken has created artistically beautiful greeting cards called “Dancing Doves,” dedicated to her late father’s memory.  With each purchase, a portion of the proceeds benefits various Kern County children’s charities. 

“We are excited to share our newly inspired greeting cards, Dancing Doves,” says Aliza.  “A graceful dove carries an olive branch to the community in this vibrant, contemporary artwork.  As living symbols of peace, they create joyful, hopeful memories.”

You can buy these cards directly from Aliza at alizamccracken@yahoo.com or at Russo’s Books at the Marketplace in a designer box of 12 cards for $15.95, or individual cards for $2.99 each.  For more information, please visit www.alizamccracken.com.

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