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Kern County Emergency Medical Services and Bakersfield College Announce Partnership

Kern County Emergency Medical Services and Bakersfield College recently announced their partnership to help protect the medical health of Bakersfield residents during a major emergency.  This collaboration establishes Bakersfield College as an alternative health care center in a major emergency and provides for three biphasic defibrillators, three infusion pumps (IV pumps), and 4,000 respirator masks to be stationed in Bakersfield College’s Skills Lab.

The equipment will be used for training and educational purposes by Bakersfield College students in preparation for real-life situations in hospitals and clinics. Should a major emergency strike Bakersfield, the Skills Lab at Bakersfield College will be transformed into an alternative health care site.

“We are very excited about this opportunity,” said Ed Hill, Senior EMS Director. “During a disaster, hospitals can be quickly overwhelmed.  Establishing this Alternate Care Site with BC is a giant step forward in local disaster preparedness.”

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