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Free Fun Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Classes

For any family struggling with weight issues, poor food choices, portion control, food label confusion, or simply finding ways to get more active, Kern Family Health Care is now offering free food and exercise classes for the entire family.

Food classes will include several fun learning activities such as MyPlate Scramble, which uses real fruits and veggies and food models to identify proper portion sizes and food groups. There will also be taste testing, calorie estimation, understanding labels, and even a grain soaking demonstration to simulate what happens to grains in the stomach and how fiber influences digestion and caloric intake.

To get active, kids and adults will have the opportunity to learn proper warm-up routines as well as fun dance workouts like Zumba, easy strength exercises with a chair and wall, and simple Yoga poses.

All classes are free and open to the public, but space is limited. To learn more, call 661-632-1590 in Bakersfield or 1-800-391-2000 outside of Bakersfield, and ask for the Health Education Department.

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