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Kids and Teachers Grade Classroom Behaviors

Nemour’s KidsHealth, a children’s health and development website, recently polled more than 9,000 kids and teens and 3,600 teachers.

When asked what makes a great teacher, the kids and teens gave top ratings to teachers who: explain things well and make the subject interesting; are funny with lots of personality; show an interest in what students have to say. Older students also appreciated teachers who go beyond the classroom and help with other issues like career planning, and younger students liked a teacher who is patient, understanding, and willing to answer questions.

On the flip side, when asked what makes a great student, teachers gave high marks to students who: are willing to try their best every day; ask questions when they don’t understand; are polite and respectful to the teacher. They also praised students who are positive, organized, and kind to other students. offers students these tips for building better relationships with teachers:

✱    Work hard daily to complete homework and participate in class.

✱    Ask questions when you don’t understand something; if you’re the shy type, ask after class.

✱    Be polite and respectful, remembering to say “please” and “thank you.”

✱    Follow class rules such as taking turns to speak, or raising a hand instead of shouting out.

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