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California Living Museum Debuts Brand New Exhibit

The highly anticipated Desert Bighorn Sheep Exhibit, , featuring a ram and two ewes, has opened at CALM. The exhibit is CALM’s first cooperative breeding program and is part of a collaboration with the six other institutions in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) population management plan for this rare species. Threatened with eventual extinction, Bighorn numbers are only one-tenth the population that existed when Europeans first settled the west. Desert Bighorn Sheep are beautiful, majestic animals with strong historical ties to Kern County and the native peoples of our region. Today, the total population of the Desert Bighorn Sheep is only about 13,000 animals. The ram and two ewes are on loan in partnership with the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and Los Angeles Zoo, and will establish CALM’s breeding stock and eventually CALM’s herd. This is CALM’s first new exhibit in two years. For more information, visit the California Living Museum website at, or call 661-872-2256

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