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One Museum's Closure is Another's Gain

Due to the recent closure of the Castle Science & Technology Center in Atwater, California, the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History (BVMNH) and 5 other California museums were invited to divvy up the museum’s exhibits free of charge. These acquired exhibits have now arrived in Bakersfield, and include Native American and NASA items, and displays of Nano science, Bernoulli’s law, a sand pendulum, a Canterbury arch, heart and human cells, microscopes, and much more.

Some of these exhibits are ready for display, but many need TLC to get them back into good working condition, while still others will be repurposed into other areas of the museum. BVMNH is looking for volunteers or companies to help with the refurbishing and construction needed to display them properly. This acquisition will improve its interactive science exhibits, the Science Discovery Center, and the entire museum. The goal is to have these exhibits and items incorporated into the museum within the next few months.


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KCFM camp 2019 leader
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