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Wheelchair Sports Camp Scholarships

Summer can be an especially challenging time for children with a disability. To help meet that challenge, scholarships for children ages 6-19 are now available for Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp to be held next month in Santa Barbara.

“When people use a wheelchair, controlling body temperature is crucial, so kids may (stay) indoors and miss out on exercise and socialization with their friends,” said Emma Perry, Independent Living Center and Rolling Chariots Board Member. Beyond having fun, camp offers attendees the opportunity to be exposed to experiences that stretch their dreams beyond their disability. Last year, 11-year-old Trinity Heppner attended camp on a scholarship, and went swimming in a pool for the first time.

2013 Dates and Information:

Camp will take place July 22-26 at UC Santa Barbara. Sponsors are also needed to help families offset the cost of food, lodging and gas for the child’s support-person. More sponsors mean more kids going to camp, and donations are tax deductible. To apply for a scholarship: Write the child’s story (1 page) and explain how he/she would benefit from the experience; if possible have the child help with the story or draw a picture. Submit the story and picture by June 15 with the child’s name, age and disability, number of people in the household, and annual household income. Mail to: ILCKC, Attn. Christine, 5251 Office Park Drive Suite 200, Bakersfield CA 93309. For more information, contact Emma Perry at 703-3307 or ittlegranma2@att.net.

2017 Information:

Visit the website here: http://www.cottagehealth.org/services/rehabilitation/2017-junior-wheelchair-sports-camp/

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