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According to KernGreen.org, it really pays to ride a bike to work, school, or to do errands. Consider the following factoids:

A 180 lb. person will burn 327 calories in one hour of leisurely bike riding (this skyrockets to 695 calories burned per hour when you bike on one of our local mountain trails).

Of course bike riding is great for the legs as you pedal; however, riding over hilly terrain can also work the arm muscles as you rest on the handlebars to support your body weight and pull on the handlebars to get more leverage while climbing hills.

The average yearly cost for bike ownership is $350

(www.theurbancountry.com/2011/05/americans-work-384-minutes-each-day-to.html), while the average yearly cost for car ownership is $9,122 (http://newsroom.aaa.com/tag/your-driving-costs).

So, what are you waiting for? Park the car, dust off the old one-seater, get healthier, and have fun!

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