Clinica Sierra Vista WIC
The Henrietta Weill Memorial Child Guidance Clinic is now offering free kinship support services to those who provide kinship or relative care (the full-time parenting of children and youth by grandparents, other relatives, neighbors, or friends of the family when their biological parents are unable to care for them). Because children benefit greatly from living in a loving environment with grandparents, other relatives, family members, or friends, the Kinship Support Services Program provides supportive services to help strengthen these families and optimize success.

Families may be officially in the Department of Human Services system or caring for children “unofficially.” Services are available in English and Spanish and include assessment and referral, guardianship assistance, case management, counseling, support groups, and monthly kids and family night activities. For more information, call 661-322-1021 or visit

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Clinica Sierra Vista WIC
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