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Superheroes Soothe Kids' Stormy Weather Fears

Children's Product Review

A crack of thunder...sudden flashes of lightning...strong gusts of gale force winds....these can all be very scary for young children.

Storm Buddies, written by Melissa Pope and illustrations by Beth Zyglowicz, is a fictional tale about a little boy named Tommy who is terrified of stormy weather. Tommy overcomes this fear with the help of three small animals, called the Storm Buddies, who live in a cloud pillow under Tommy's bed. The Storm Buddies have superpowers that help calm Tommy during scary thunderstorms, ultimately comforting him to sleep.

The Storm Buddies set offers a calming, soothing solution for parents to use in helping their child deal with these fears. The packaged set includes a paperback book and three plush toys tucked inside a soft and huggable cloud pillow. Ages 3+; $19.99-Paperback & Plush Toys Set; .

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Tags: Health, Preschool, Safety, Special Needs, Toddler

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