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Celebrating National Pet Day

Places to Adopt Animals and Articles for further learning.

by Marie Elrich
Office Operations Assistant

A dog is a boy’s best friend. A horse is a girl’s best friend. These simple idioms do not encompass all the animals that people love. There are plenty of other pets that people dote on. Consider how many young boys enjoy collecting reptiles and taming them. If snakes are less appealing, what about bunnies or birds? Many people enjoy these pets just as much as a dog or horse. Maybe the real phrase should be “Pets are people’s best friends.”

So, in honor of all pets, we at Kern County Family Magazine have put together a list of resources for pet adoption and articles on how to keep your pet healthy and happy. We want to honor your love for your pets and would love to hear from you regarding your pet!

Where to Adopt a Pet:

1. Kern County Animal Services

Phone Number: 661-868-7100

Location: 3951 Fruitvale Avenue

Bakersfield, CA 93308


Pets Available for Adoption: Cats or Dogs, but accept a variety of pets.

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10AM-4PM

Wednesday 2PM-7PM

Requirements for Adoption: Valid ID and Signed Contract

Cost: $70-85 includes first shots, spay/neuter, microchip and city license

Other Services: Spay/Neuter Vouchers. There is a Wed. night clinic from 5-6:30 PM. Saturdays they will periodically appear at parks for a clinic. Check their website for more details on locations and times for Saturday sessions.

2. Bakersfield SPCA

Phone Number: 661-323-8353

Location: 3000 Gibson Street

Bakersfield, CA 93308


Pets Available for Adoption: Cats or Dogs.

Hours: Monday-Saturday 9:30AM-4:30PM

Requirements for Adoption: Valid ID and form. Also, the SPCA encourages families to bring their current dogs to test and see if the adopted dog would be a well suited companion. They also suggest playing with the dog before adoption and give that ability at their facility.

Cost: $100 for adult $125 for puppy includes all shots, microchip, spay/neuter and first vet visit.

Upcoming Event: On May 3, Channel 17 news is sponsoring an all day adoption event in their parking lot.

3. Alpha Canine Sanctuary

Phone Number: 661-391-8212

Location: Granite Rd (Call for Directions)


Pets Available for Adoption: Dogs (usually adults)

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10AM-4PM

Requirements for Adoption: Usually a questionnaire, personal interview and possible home inspection

Cost: $95 (shots, microchip, spay/neuter). Senior discount available.

Other services: If you would like to be a foster parent, contact the Sanctuary. Also, see their website for updates on spaying/neutering vouchers for low income families.

Upcoming Event: Imbibe Fundraiser in August-Go to Imbibe and have a portion of your payment donated to the Sanctuary. You can also donate online!

4. Marley’s Mutts

Phone Number: 661-556-7178


Pets Available for Adoption: Dogs

Hours: No Facility. Arrangements made by online application and phone call.

Requirements: An application is available on their website.

Cost: $250 (Covers Spay/Neuter/Shots/Microchip)

Other Services: If you would like to foster an animal, there is information on the website about how to become a foster parent to an animal.

Upcoming Event(s): Marley’s Mutts is very active in the community and often provide services for adults seeking life skills, helping children with reading, and educating prisoners on how to train dogs. Fundraising events happen often and can be viewed on their Facebook page or website.

5. The Cat People

Phone Number: 661-327-4706

1930 18th Street, Bakersfield, CA


Pets Available for Adoption: Cats

Hours: Saturdays 10 AM-3PM at Petco (Rosedale Hwy).

Requirements: Application and Interview. Can speak to them on Saturday for more info. about Reqs.

Cost: $65 (complete medical exam, combo tested, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, and altered. If younger than 4 months, a voucher is provided to cover the full cost of the spay/neuter.

Upcoming Event(s): At Petco ( 8220 Rosedale Hwy), The Cat People have cat viewings and information from 10AM-3PM.

Related Information:

How Dogs Benefit from Daily Walks

Excerpt: Dog owners with fenced-in backyards may think their furry friends are getting all they need during their nightly exercise sessions in the backyard. While such yards provide safe places for dogs to relax and run around, the American Humane Association ( notes that even dogs who run wild in their backyards each day can benefit from daily walks. See more here:

The Benefits of Having a Pet

Excerpt: Previous research indicated dogs as pets were helpful in encouraging social interaction for children with autism, but now new research indicates that children with autism who are living with any kind of pet in the home may be more likely to engage in social interaction. In general, it's been shown that children who own a pet are more likely to interact more with each other. See more here:

How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

Excerpt: As you may have guessed by now, this super-genius being is a dog. A black miniature schnauzer to be exact, and he and his sister Jenny have been a part of our family practically since my children were babies. And looking back over the years of raising children and dogs at the same time, I realized that although we're talking about two completely different species (although my daughters did go through an "I'm a puppy" and "I'm a poodle" phase), there are a lot of similarities.

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