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Second Month, Second Chances: 11 Simple Changes to Make Every Day Better


New Year’s resolutions often imply major lifestyle changes that require significant shifts in behavior and consistent effort. If your 2020 isn’t off to quite the start you had hoped for, it’s not too late to start again or take a different approach. Every morning is another fresh start and simple changes that are repeated become positive habits that contribute to your wellbeing each day.

Whether your approach to change is leading up a drastic shift, or you’re just improving the quality of your life with small but deliberate actions, 2020 can still be your year. Don’t be afraid to reevaluate what’s working and what isn’t as you make progress toward your 2020 goals. 

Here are 11 simple changes to add to your quality of life day by day: 


Get enough sleep: If you’re feeling exhausted, reevaluate your bedtime. Don’t have a bedtime? Set one and roll it back by 15-minute increments until you feel more refreshed the next day. 


Just add water: The benefits to drinking at least eight cups of water each day are overwhelming, from kidney health to better skin. Swap your soda for water and you’re also cutting out empty calories which can lead to weight loss. If choosing flavored water or adding fruit slices gets you to drink it, use one of those many options.


Get up and walk: Adding just 20 minutes of walking to your day can boost your mood and slim your waistline. Walking is considered weight-bearing exercise and it’s free. Take a stroll outside to change your perspective, and soak up vitamin D, too.


Choose fruit: Add fiber and vitamins to your day with a side of fruit for an easy snack. Challenge yourself to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.


Stretch: Increasing range of motion and flexibility, reducing anxiety, and improving posture are benefits of stretching, according to Prevention.com. 


Read a book: Add 20 minutes of literature to your day that doesn’t involve your phone. Pick up a real book and renew the habit of reading with an old favorite or a new title that isn’t just for kids. As parents, it’s easy to fall into the habit of reading children’s books only as we read aloud to our kids, but letting them see that we read our own books, too, fosters that habit.


Clean a space: Choosing a small, contained area like a drawer or cupboard and wiping out clutter can make your life feel more streamlined, one space at a time.


Change your routine: Find a new way to work, run an errand at lunch, or pop into a new cafe. Shop local and see what’s in your community. Discover what’s different about living in your area. 


Play tourist: Expand your horizons by seeing what’s new in Kern County. Know of a great business we should cover? Write to callie@kerncountyfamily.com


Volunteer: Doing good for others can change your perspective. Find a cause to advocate for that has a tangible result, like solving school lunch debt at your local elementary school. Sign up to help The Mission at Kern County or another amazing non-profit. 


Be intentionally kind: Choose to be the change you want to see in the world. Pay for someone’s coffee in line behind you or offer your grocery store a $5 credit for someone who’s short on cash. Kindness can also cost nothing when you pay a compliment, put away a shopping cart for a busy mom, or choose to extend grace to others when possible. Doing so can benefit your life in unexpected ways. 

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