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11 Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer


This summer may feel eternal after the spring’s early release, but there are still ways to have fun. Beat the heat this July with these 11 ideas:

• Create your family’s summer bucket list: Decide what you want to do and make a list of fun activities to try before summer ends. 

• Host a water balloon fight: Social distancing is still possible with a neighborhood water balloon fight. Fill balloons and get ready to run. 

• Make dessert: No heat is needed to make a fun dessert like custard, icebox pie, or ice cream. Find an easy recipe on our website this month for fruit pops and get kids in the kitchen for basic math skills that translate to life skills. 

• Do a cold beverage bar: Set up a buffet of sweet tea, iced coffee, and juice to round out your weekend brunch. 

• Host an all-salads dinner: Keep the stove off by making cold salads, including potato salad, green salad, fruit salad, garbanzo beans and other family favorites. 

• When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade stand: It may be hot and social distancing is still in effect, but it’s possible to continue a fun tradition like patio lemonade stands. Grab a patio umbrella, a folding table and poster board. Mix lemonade in your kitchen and set up shop, even if it’s just with your own family as customers. 

• Create a book theme day: Select books of a similar theme, find a movie interpretation of one of them, and make a related snack. For example, our social media manager’s family read the E.B. White novel “Charlotte’s Web,” watched the movie, and made dirt cups with instant chocolate pudding and bug-shaped gummies.

• Turn on music for an indoor party: Host a dance party inside. Break out hula hoops and let your kids choose the playlist. 

• Set up bathtub play: Use cool water and let kids play on the outside of the tub. Add food coloring, plastic fish, rubber ducks or other animals and create a nature diorama in your own bathroom that’s easy to clean up.

• Chase bubbles: Indoors or outside, bubbles are cheap and easy. 

• Foster frosty freezer fun: Hide a cold treat in the freezer and write clues to help your kids find it. 

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