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Kelly Giblin:

when life gave her lemons she made Lemonade Locks

by Vaun Thygerson
Staff writer and mother of three

When Kelly Giblin was first diagnosed with alopecia, an auto-immune disease that can cause serve hair loss, she didn’t want to talk about it.  She didn’t want people to know she was losing her hair.  Over the years with her resilience and sense of humor, she turned her lemons into lemonade and started her own wig consultation company, Lemonade Locks, with the slogan: “When life hands you lemons, call Lemonade Locks.”  

“This [alopecia] is the best worst thing that has ever happened to me,” Kelly says.  “I have a whole new business because of it.” Soon after her diagnosis, Kelly set out to find a wig that she could be happy wearing and one that looked natural.  She found wig shops overwhelming with no private fitting room to try on wigs and limited selections. “I had a terrible experience finding anything that would work for me,” she says.

With exhaustive research, she finally found a line of wigs that were lightweight and looked unbelievably realistic.  “I get more compliments on my hair now with my wigs than I did with my real hair,” she says. With the encouragement of her husband of 25 years, Kelly decided to start her business to help women who were going through the trauma of hair loss.  With a wide variety of styles and colors, she provides wig consultations in her private studio, or she’ll come to your home or hospital room.  “I want to make it fun and less intimidating,” she says. 

“It is my hope that I can help others facing similar circumstances by sharing my experience and showing them that there are incredible and affordable options for women facing hair loss.” One of her clients, Nesi Sheldon, who was diagnosed with stage one ovarian cancer, wanted to have her wig lined up before she even lost her hair due to chemotherapy treatments.  Kelly came to Nesi’s house where she could try on different types of wigs and give her husband and sons a chance to express their opinions.  “It is so overwhelming when you have to think about losing your hair,” says Nesi.  “Kelly is the most personable, friendly, supportive person you could meet.  She is always there for you.”

After wearing her wig out in public, Nesi says it gives her a sense of confidence.  “When you have the wig on, you don’t look like someone who is going through chemotherapy,” she says. “People even ask me who cuts my hair,” she says.

Another client who Kelly has helped to find the perfect wig is Kelly Wonderly.  She was diagnosed with alopecia more than 20 years ago and has tried everything from clip-in extensions to food remedies and vitamins.  She had never tried wearing a wig, because she thought her head was too small to find one that would fit properly.    

Kelly Giblin provided the support and encouragement Kelly Wonderly needed to find a wig that would work for her.  “I thought I was never going to be able to wear a wig,” she says.  “I couldn’t have pulled if off, if Kelly hadn’t encouraged me that I was going to be able to do it.”   

A talented artist, Kelly Wonderly says finding a wig that is easy to maintain and realistic looking has given her a lot more time to work on her art and play with her grandson.  “It gave me my life back.  It made me able to be free to concentrate on really important stuff,” she says.

Kelly Giblin has her personal motto displayed on a wooden plaque hanging in her private wig studio, “Happy is what we make it – always has been, always will be.”  With her encouragement and expertise, she wants her clients to come to the same conclusion that she has realized.  “It’s not so bad to be bald,” she says.  “To me, being able to turnaround what was so traumatic for me and to help these people is amazing.”  

For more information about Lemonade Locks or to schedule an appointment, please call Kelly Giblin at 900-6672.

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