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Newly Redesigned GMC Yukon: A Great SUV for Moms

I was the envy of the carpool line when I rolled up in a sleek 2015, newly redesigned, GMC Yukon thanks to Motor City GMC.  When the crew of neighborhood boys in my carpool piled in, they were giddy with excitement.  I heard statements such as, “WOW!  Cool car!  Love your new car!”  And, of course, my younger son, Zane, said, “It even smells like a new car!”  As I negotiated the twisty neighborhood turns with ease, dropping kids off at their respective homes one by one, my son’s friend said, “This car is less bumpier!”  Then, true to Thygerson tradition, my kids named the SUV, “Snow White,” probably after its brilliantly white exterior.

In my younger, carefree days, I use to bling my ride.  Now, I “mom” my ride.  As a mother of three, I need function.  But, I still try to be hip, so I want class, too.  The Yukon is a great mix of both – a definite statement of elegance and luxury but also practicality for a big family.  Using a third row, the Yukon can comfortably fit eight passengers with plenty of storage space for smaller items, enough drink cups for all, and many USB ports, power sources, and an AC power outlet for all my kids’ portable electronic devices.  The classy interior also features front and rear control for both audio and temperature with an option to lock the rear control when needed.  

After carpool duties, one of my first stops was to visit my friend, Christie Poe, mother of four, who is looking to upgrade from her 2005 GMC Denali.  She and her daughter jumped in “Snow White,” and we headed out for a test drive.  “It’s such a smooth, quiet ride,” she said.

In addition to the car’s exterior design and signature grill, she also loved the upscale interior dash with its LED lights and touch-screen technology.  One of the main features that caught her eye was the covered tow package that can handle up to 8,500 pounds.  “The covered tow system makes it look nicer,” she said.  “It keeps it from getting rusty and dirty.”

Some of my favorite features include:  the Bluetooth-enabled phone system where you can call via touchscreen with all of your contacts appearing on the screen and the back-up camera that features a graphic overlay of wheel direction for easier reverse maneuvering.  This SUV was considerably bigger than what I am use to driving, but I found it easy to pilot and negotiate even in tight spaces. And, of course, I enjoyed rocking out to the Bose sound system especially when I found my favorite ‘80s station on XM radio.          

The next day, I decided to see if the Yukon’s new level of visual sophistication could hold up to the demands of a busy mom’s day.  I drove “Snow White” to work and hit Costco on my way home.  The ability to automatically lift the hatch from the key as I came up to it with an overflowing cart came in handy.  Also, being able to open the glass and the trunk door separately saved a few items from hitting my driveway as I unloaded my purchases at home.

Next, I wanted to see how the 2nd and 3rd rows could utilize car seats.  With the help of my friend, Tawnie McCaa, mother of two, we tested out the SUV’s ease and comfort as she strapped in two Britax car seats for Olivia, age 3-½ years, and Cole, 1-½ years.  With plenty of room for both car seats on either side of the second row, my eight-year-old fit comfortably in between.  Then we moved the two car seats next to each other to provide access to the third row, and they fit perfectly.  My son moved to the back, and the two toddlers had plenty of room even side by side. “These car seats are bulky,” Tawnie says.  “The back seats seem wide, and they fit in here so well.”

Cool ride and definitely Mom-approved! 4 of 5 lipsticks

  • Ranked No. 2 out of 6 Affordable Large SUVs based on an analysis of published reviews and test-drives as well as reliability and safety data by U.S. News Rankings & Reviews. 

  • A 355-hp 5.3 liter V-8 is standard with a six-speed automatic transmission.

  • Good fuel economy with 16/23 mpg

  • Flat-fold second and third row seats for more cargo storage. 

  • Available in three trims: SLE, SLT, & Denali

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