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How Kids Can Help Around the House

Involving the kids with helping out around the house can be a great way for parents to instill a sense of responsibility in their youngsters while also taking some of the burden off Mom and Dad. The following are a few age-specific chores kids can do to make life at home a little easier on their parents. When giving kids additional responsibilities around the house, parents should realize that kids won't always be perfect when doing their chores. Resist the temptation to do chores for them, and praise and encourage kids when they do things right.  


Toddlers and Preschool-aged children might not be able to do too much to lighten their parents' loads, but simple chores like cleaning up their play areas can make things easier. Make kids responsible for putting their toys away after play time.

4- to 5-year-olds

Children finishing up Preschool and those currently enrolled in kindergarten can pitch in a little more around the house than they did as toddlers, setting the table for meals (prevent kids from accessing sharp utensils like steak knives) and even helping with some simple meal prep. Such youngsters can put their folded laundry away and clean their rooms as well.

6- to 9-year-olds

First through fourth graders are old enough to be given more significant chores than they had when they were younger. They can be trusted to feed the pets, after being taught the appropriate times to feed and the correct amount of food to place in bowls so pets don't overeat. Kids in this age group also can rake leaves and water plants. Folding laundry, dusting furniture and bookshelves and taking out the garbage are a few more tasks they should be able to handle.

Children 10 and older

These youngsters can clean bathrooms, do laundry, vacuum the floors, and load and unload the dishwasher. Such chores are time-consuming and complex, and parents may want to give older kids allowances or increase their allowances to show their appreciation.


Adolescents can be trusted to make simple meals and babysit their younger siblings, saving parents time and money. If adolescents babysit, consider paying them for their time even if they already receive an allowance.

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