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Happy Mama: What Moms Really Want

Janelle and Family
Hello, Mama - Nice to meet you! I’m thrilled to join the KCFM family, as I have been a long-time consumer of this publication. It has spent many a day in my car while I wait at school pick ups, in my tote bag when running errands and, of course, in my home. I look forward to sharing lessons-learned, laughing, and traveling through this journey of motherhood with you.

Speaking of being a mom, can you believe that we have already made it to the month of May? That means we have survived thirty-six weeks of the school year with only about four more to go. Crazy, right? But, before we start the countdown to summer vacation, it’s time to take pause to celebrate what makes this month so extra special for us moms, that’s right, Mother’s Day!

I absolutely love this time of year! May always feels like slipping into brand-new bed sheets for the first time (without the little humans who like to jump in bed with us!). The flowers are in bloom, the days are longer, and I often feel like I have a little more energy to get through the day. This month is also filled with a lot of great community events and activities. If you’ve lived in Kern County for a while you know it’s a month full of fundraisers, graduations and let’s not forget the day for us all to relax, sleep in, have breakfast made for us and get showered with gifts and gratitude. Oh, that would be nice wouldn’t it? So, in the effort to help our loved ones, help us, here is my wish list of what women really want on Mother’s Day:

1 To sleep in, alone! No other human or tiny human climbing in bed, poking a foot in our back, stealing the covers or hogging the good pillow, my pillow!

2 The option to stay in our pj’s…All. Day. Long.

3 If our children or loving partner decide to make us breakfast in bed, that we can actually stay in said bed until the “gourmet culinary creation” is complete and not be forced to “help” clean it up!

4 To stay in our pj’s AND binge-watch our favorite show without interruption.

5 To go out to eat without having to…wait for it, get ANYONE ELSE in our household dressed or ready to go out the door with us. This includes, but is not limited to, no searching for the missing sock, no asking to brush teeth, no refereeing between siblings about the borrowed shirt, no demanding to put shoes on for the 100th time and absolutely, under no circumstances, no having to break a sweat trying to clean up the kitchen (see #3).

6 To take our own, sweet time to get ready for the day without any interruptions.

7 To do whatever we want, how we want, and when we want!

Doesn’t that sound like heaven? Well, a mama can dream, right? Honestly, we are really simple creatures when it comes to celebrating us on our day. We really just want one stress-free moment to take pause, hug our children and hear the words, “Thank you, Mom,” to remind us all why we are so blessed to be on this wonderful, messy, crazy, awesome, ever-changing journey called motherhood. Oh, and chocolate! Please get this mama some chocolate.

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