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Bike Arvin: Looking for a New Place to Park


Changes are coming to Bike Arvin, a local non-profit dedicated to cycling culture and its role within our community. South Kern's only bike shop is looking for a new home after Sept. 29. The group's current set-up includes a bike shop, its well-known Bike Kitchen repair space, and meeting areas for staff and volunteers.

Bike Arvin's facility location this fall is to-be-determined. The group is looking for a space that can house its equipment and displays and be open to the public at least once a week. If you know of a suitable space for consideration, email Asha Chandy, programs manager, at asha@bikebakersfield.org. Tax-deductible donations, used bicycles, and repair materials are also accepted. 

Despite facilities changes, its mission will remain the same. Promoting healthy lifestyle habits, educating the public about bike safety practices, and furthering biking as a free and efficient form of transportation are part of Bike Arvin's services to the community. The group's Earn-A-Bike program also teaches bicycle maintenance. Participants put their bike together piece by piece under a mechanic's supervision, so they gain skills as they construct what can then be a great hobby or way to get to work. 

The group also fulfills an advocacy role by participating in local committees like the City of Arvin Advisory Committee for Complete Streets and Safe Routes to School Plan with the goal of helping secure alternatives for pedestrians, students walking to school, residents with disabilities, and mass transit, as well as Kern County cyclists. Promoting community investment in features like sidewalks, bike lanes, and a bike park are part of Bike Arvin's continued involvement in public policy. 

The group's members have expressed their commitment to continuing a dedicated approach to cycling as a viable commute choice and recreational pastime in Kern County. 

Find out more about Bike Arvin and how to get involved with local cycling at http://bikebakersfield.org/bike-arvin/.

Bakersfield Bike Kitchen- NEW HOURS

By Vaun Thygerson

Bike Bakersfield has updated its Bike Kitchen hours for the fall to Monday through Wednesday from noon to 6 p.m. The Bike Kitchen, located at 1708 Chester Avenue, Bakersfield, is a community resource and hub for bicycle repair with a staff of talented mechanics who are experienced in refurbishing a wide array of bicycles. It also offers bike stands, bike pumps, tools, used parts, refurbished bicycles, and new accessories.

Members of Bike Bakersfield can use the tools on-site, free of charge. If you are not a member and would like to use the tools, the nonprofit asks for a $2/hour donation. The Bike Kitchen also offers the Earn-A-Bike program where volunteers can earn a bike in exchange for 12 hours of service. If you would like to join Bike Bakersfield for $25 per year, please visit www.bikebakersfield.org.
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