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READERS REACT: Music Education in Kern County

Miley Meeks
After-school activities can make an important difference in a child’s life. 

Research correlates positive results like social and emotional development, the prevention of risky behaviors and increased mental wellness with participation in extracurriculars, according to the American Institutes for Research. Learning to play an instrument also has positive associations with mathematical abilities, increasing memory capacity and reducing stress. 

Music education is thriving in Kern County. We invited our readers to share first-hand anecdotes with how it has positively impacted their children. Here are some of their responses: 

“My daughter plays the bassoon, bass clarinet and tenor sax at the Drillers Wind ensemble, marching band and jazz band. I love every moment- practice, concert, event, competition, and performance, that she has participated in. I’m grateful for the amazing teachers and music programs in our public school system.” -Michelle DeCastro Clark

“My daughter plays the cello with her school and loves it! Studies show that students who play an instrument perform better academically than the average student who doesn’t play. Support music!” - Kendra Eklund

“Yes, my daughter started flute this year! It’s definitely helped her with timing and music cues in ballet!” -Rhonda Ledbetter-Glenn

“My 6th grader (Miley, shown at right) plays the baritone, or what is sometimes called the euphonium. She loves playing and I don’t even have to ask her to practice.” - Sally Ann Meeks

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