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Resolutions are a traditional part of each new year but they also reflect an insightful moment of pause between one period of time and the next, the space in which we consider what we want for our lives over the next 365 days. 

What is important to us, who we want to spend time with, and how we want to go forward from the point where we find ourselves happens somehow as we change over from one calendar page to another, with a sense of renewal that follows a season focused on comfort and joy. December’s transition to January brings out a unique sense of hope.

We asked readers like you to tell us about what they are hoping for in 2020. Our survey received more than 120 responses in less than 24 hours, including these 20 standout responses: 

“In 2020 I hope to look around me and count the wondrous blessings I have received and live each day to the fullest.” - Bobbie Bishop

“Being the best mom and wife I can be for my family.”- Ariana Martin

“To not worry about the little things in life.” - Amber Henson

“Live life to the fullest because we never know how much time we left. Love hard, do what you’re passionate about, show compassion.”  - Andrea Adkins

“Creating even more memories with the family.” - Ashley Frausto

“Spend less time on electronics.”- Annmarie Amaya

“Show my kids how beautiful this world is.”- Jason Dodson

“Contribute more and volunteer in our community.” - Julie Garcia

“To be more understanding of other people’s circumstances.”- Brittany Massey

“To be more positive and have a lot more confidence and patience.”- Elizabeth Laguna

“My resolution is to be more forgiving. Especially to those who are not sorry so that I can heal and be free and happy!” - Haley Garcia

“I will be kinder to myself.”- Blanca Davalos

“Having more family dinners.”- Cortney McMahon

“To be the best role model for my kids!”- Jessica Childress

“Let go of anything that doesn’t bring me JOY!” - Jena Lords

“Love and enjoy every moment spent with my children, quality time, treasuring memories with them that last for a lifetime.” - Brenda Moore

“To be better than last year!” - Esmilda Martinez

“Ride my bike more.” - Kathy Oros

“Bringing back manners like when you walk down the street and you greet strangers, or opening and closing doors for people.” - Ruth Moreno

“My new year’s resolution is to continue my health and fitness journey as a new mom!”- Giovanna Martinez

Other efforts like returning to school, losing weight and taking care of one’s self were also frequent mentions. Our staffers were touched to read such personal responses, all of which signify effort that we recognize and wish you success with in 2020. From our families to yours, we hope this is your best year yet. 

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