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Hello Happy Mama: What's Your Headline?

Hello Mama!

How are you doing during these crazy Covid days? When I’m asked that question, I tend to respond, “Just living my best pandemic life.” Honestly, what else can you say? So far 2020 has thrown us into a constant roller coaster of challenges. We are constantly being fed negative headlines on the news, social media, even in conversations between friends and family. You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Well, I believe that also applies to what we consume for our mind: what we read, share, and speak. I recently came across a post on Facebook that stopped my scroll and touched my heart:


“Old man makes new friend.”

Wow, that really says so much. It seems easier to focus on the fear, the negative narrative, and the crisis headlines. But what if we focus on the headlines that really matter? 

So, what’s my headline, you ask? 

"Happy Mama Spends Quality Time with Her Family."

Now that’s a headline that puts it all in perspective for me. Yes, this pandemic has turned our world upside down. But, I’m going to continue to respect this virus, wear my mask, practice social distancing, keep the WIFI going for my home-schoolers, support local restaurants, salons, small businesses, give back to non-profits, and write my own headline for my story. How about you?

What’s your headline? Let’s keep the conversation going on social. Tag #hellohappymama and Kern County Family Magazine.

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KCFM HM Jan21 leaderboard
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